Shaping Inclusion at Ageas

Diversity Data and Pay Gaps

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By capturing and tracking data on diversity and inclusion, we can be confident that we are focusing on and addressing the right issues. Thanks to our employees sharing their data with us, we can report that as of December 2023, representation within our organisation looks like this:




of senior management are women

Ethnic minorities

(3% unknown)

have a disability

(24% unknown)

lesbian, gay or bisexual

(13% unknown)

Colleague Resource Groups shaping inclusion

Women in Finance Charter

When Ageas signed up to the UK Government’s Women in Finance Charter in May 2017, our senior management population (‘Heads of’ and above) was 20% women.
As part of our approach to diversity and inclusion and our ongoing focus on the development and progression of women across our UK business, there has been a positive shift in the number of women now represented in senior management positions.

With the plans in place and the continued focus, we hit our target of 40% early in December 2022. As at December 2023, 39% of our senior management are women. 

Female Ageas employee smiling

Pay gap reporting

Our annual Pay Gap Report includes gender, ethnicity, disability and LGBTQ+ data. It also outlines the actions we’re taking and ambitious targets we’ve set to drive progress within our organisation.

Gender Pay Gap Report 2023
Diversity and inclusion at Ageas
At Ageas everyone is made to feel welcome and included. Being able to bring your authentic self to work is just part of who we are.
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